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Eleventh Annual Mini Real Ale Fest: June 7

Welcome, Beer Nation! Every Friday, we serve Real Ale out of a firkin sitting oon our bar. Except for one glorious Saturday. This year, that Saturday is June 7. We gather together to celebrate Real Ale for three precious hours. This year's session starts at noon and ends at 3:00 PM.

To view the line up we've confirmed so far, click here.
Then come back to this page and purchase your ticket while there's still tickets to be had. You'll get a souvenier pint glass and we'll have a hickory-smoked whole hog on hand for mini pulled pork sandwiches. Check back here or on our Facebook page for all updates.

We're giving you the opportunity to buy tickets now, so you don't get shut out. This year, we're even eating handling costs. $35 covers the cost of your drink tickets, program and glass to take home (plus sales tax.) Click now to secure your part of this year's history.