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We're here to serve the perfect pint.

Award Winning
Microbrew & Barbecue

The 'House Vision Statement

Smokehouse Brewing Company is a community place where one feels at home, no matter where home happens to be.

We do this by:

Brewing the best, unique ales possible, using the quality ingredients from around the world, a time-honoring brewing process and dispense and serve our hand-crafted ales with care;
Preparing memorable cooking that complements our hand-crafted ales;
Offering a clean, inviting beer-centric environment conducive to enjoying a memorable experience and positive guest interactions;
Exceeding guest expectations by providing friendly, knowledgeable, attentive service with a smile.

We strive to make Smokehouse Brewing Company the place to be.

The 'House Mission Statement

Smokehouse Brewing Company is here to serve the perfect pint by exceeding guest expectations by providing unique, fresh ales, remarkable food, and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere while striving to be the dining destination of choice. We are:

We strive to provide the highest level of guest satisfaction with focus on friendly service, extraordinary ales and food, fun and value.
We will treat all members of our team with the same utmost respect, positive encouragement and sense of fair play that we expect them to share with every guest and all our business partners.
Dedicated to excellence.
We will impress our stakeholders with outstanding operational and financial performance.