1516 Dunkel

Style Guidelines: German-Style Dunkel

Rotation Schedule: usually in late spring

Food Pairings: Smoked chicken; 'House smoked and grilled wings; barbecued salmon; venison; German cured sausage

Body: medium
Color: ruby brown

Grain: British lager, pale and wheat; American pale

Bittering Hops: Argentinian Cascade, Northern Brewer
Finishing Hops: Argentinian Cascade, Liberty

Original Gravity: 1.062
IBUs (estimate): 20
Alcohol By Volume: 5.8%

First Tapped: April 8, 2009

beer in Germany using anything other than malt, hops, water and yeast. Dukel was the first style brewed under this law. We pay tribute to this fine regulation with Smokehouse 1516 Dunkel.