Imperial IPA is an unabashed creation of the American craft beer movement. Never before in the entire history of beer has this style been brewed.

Take an IPA and put it on steroids and you’ve got Imperial.
You should expect something robust, malty and alcoholic with a hop profile that might melt your tongue out of your mouth.

We generally don’t assign one of our beers an Imperial standing unless it’s above 8% ABV.

IBU stands for International Bitterness Units. The higher the number, the more potential for bitterness. High enough, the number points tot oral destruction.

Despite this, hopheads love their hops. Hence the name. I Be You. You Be Me.

Hop love. If you don’t love this bitter flower, you just don’t understand. Cheers!


Style Guidelines: Imperial IPA

Rotation Schedule: Not yet established

Food Pairings: Imperial IPAs are among the last-picked beers to pair with food. Intense hop bitterness easily overwhelms food. It takes big-flavored food to stand up to big-flavored beer. Think salt. Cured meats; ham with cloves; charcuterie; sausages; smoked meats and barbecue sauce; grilled pork chops with bacon; strong, and even stinky cheese; salted caramel ice cream.

Body: medium

Color: waning sun

Grain: American 2 row; pale; crystal; Victory; flaked oats

Bittering Hops: American Cascade and Columbus
Finishing Hops: Columbus and Simcoe
Dry Hops: Columbus and Simcoe

Original Gravity: 1.088
IBUs (estimate): 98
Alcohol By Volume: 8.6%

First Tapped: September 25, 2015