The Pilgrims stopped at Plymouth Rock because they ran out of beer. The first thing they did was to build a brewery. There's no denying that New Englanders love their beer.

Enter the New England IPA, arguably the most controversial beer style in recent memory. Here are a few of the reasons the haters cite for hating:

1. It goes against everything a classically trained brewer was taught.
2. Less talented brewers are getting fame.
3. Beer drinkers are unable to land that trade.
4. People hate getting in lines.
5. The appearance. These beers are another level of hazy.
6. Not bitter enough. How dare you call it an IPA?
7. Fear of the unknown.
8. Unique characteristics are best experienced fresh.

With all of these negatives, we were compelled to do one ourselves. Maybe instead of a New England reference for the name, we should have just called it STUBBORN. Sometimes, a brewer just can't help but go against the grain. Or hop.


Style Guidelines: New England Style IPA

Rotation Schedule: Not yet established

Food Pairings: fish and chips; lobster roll; crabcakes with spicy aioli; shrimp and grits; oysters on the half shell; gumbo; jambalaya

Body: medium

Color: juicy pale yellow

Grain: British lager; flaked oats; red wheat; acidulated malt

Bittering Hops: American Columbus

Finishing Hops: American Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe

Dry Hops: American Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe

Original Gravity: 1.062

IBUs (estimate): 60

Alcohol By Volume: 6.9%

First Tapped: May 19, 2017, as a preview on Firkin Friday