This is a throw back recipe of a beer style brewed in the 1800s.

Back then, barley wines were vaguely synonymous with strong ales, implying an assortment of styles. Barley wines were brewed strong for better preservation.

Barley wines were still common enough in the 1970s in Britain that Fritz Maytag of Anchor Brewing Company brewed the first commercial example of barley wine on this side of the pond in 1976--Old Foghorn.
Back in the day, the variety of hops used in brewing was generally unknown, we have brewed Old Skȕl with our own ‘House hops.

Even though we planted them, we have no idea anymore what they are! Which makes Old Skȕl a bit more historically authentic, wouldn’t you say?

Ain’t no school like Old Skȕl.

Old Skűl

Style Guidelines: Barley Wine

Rotation Schedule: Not yet established

Food Pairings: Stilton bleu cheese (with figs and prosciutto); Buffalo wings; freshly steamed artichokes; creme brulee; nutty panforte; dark chocolate; charred grilled lamb; crisp-skin duck with cherry sauce

Body: medium full

Color: earthy brown

Grain: Pale and Crystal

Bittering Hops: 'House hops from our beer garden
Finishing Hops: 'House hops from our beer garden

Original Gravity: 1.100
IBUs (estimate): who knows?
Alcohol By Volume: 12.0%

First Tapped: November 6, 2015, on firkin preview, matured on oak