Alexander's Russian Imperial Stout

Style Guidelines: The first time we brewed the Russian we didn't think we'd get all the grain in the mash tun. Until Ohio liquor laws allowed us to exceed 6% alcohol by weight, this was as big as brewing workouts got here. The result is a roasty, fruity beer that you might be tempted to eat with a spoon.

Rotation Schedule: every other batch of dark beer brewed

Food Pairings: This one pairs up beautifully with dark chocolate; also try chocolate-and-fruit desserts, such as stout cheesecake with raspberry sauce, or something with caramel or pecans. Stilton and walnuts; chocolate baked Alaska.

Body: full.

Color: "Ochee chorneea" (Russian for "Dark Eyes"0 opaque black.

Grain: British pale, crystal, carapils, wheat, chocolate, black patent malts and roaste, unmalted British roast barley.

Bittering Hops: American Chinook.

Finishing Hops: British Fuggle, Slovenian Styrian Golding and Polish Polnischer Lublin.

Original Gravity: 1.080

IBUs (estimate): 51.

Alcohol By Volume: 7.6%

First Tapped: January 7, 1995, Eastern Orthodox Christmas.