Legend has it that this style was first developed as a happy accident.

Porter became the fad of the day in the 1700’s around jolly old England. It initially gained popularity among the transport workers in Central London, those brawny common folks who would endure hard labor with no more than a few pints of porter and a few pounds of bread per day.

So, it turns out this ale style was named after those who drank it most -- porters. Fitting, but don't expect someone to name a style Engineer or Accountant, OK?

Cherry Porter

Style Guidelines: We thought we'd try brewing Ivan Porter with a twist -- pure cherry puree from Washington State. It worked, and we've brewed it ever since.

Rotation Schedule: about every fifth batch of dark beer brewed at the Smokehouse

Food Pairings: think hearty foods -- meat dishes with gravy, barbecue, shepherd's pie, stew. Oysters are also ideal. It will stand up to stronger cheeses such as sharp cheddar and blue. The subtle fruit background adds an interesting dimension here.

Body: medium

Color: deep ruby brown

Grain: British pale,crystal, and chocolate

Bittering Hops: American Cascade and Mount Hood

Finishing Hops: American Mount Hood

Special Ingerdient: Washington State cherry puree

Original Gravity: 1.060

IBUs (estimate): 14

Alcohol By Volume: 6.0%

First Tapped: September 16, 1998