Double Dog Dare Imperial IPA

Style Guidelines: This is a big version of MacLenny's Scottish Ale, with the addition of toasted malts. This is a full bodied beer if there ever was one. It is a worthy accompaniment to your favorite single malt scotch.

Rotation Schedule: twice a year; usually two Centennial IPA batches, then one Double Dog

Food Pairings: The intense hops will ruin subtle food, so opt for spiciness here. Gates of Hell smoked wings is the first thing that comes to mind. Make it a battle of the Titans, and let us know who wins, OK?

Body: full

Color: honey amber

Grain: Lager and Crystal

Bittering Hops: Centennial and Cascade

Finishing Hops: Centennial and Cascade

Dry Hops: Centennial and three weeks on oak

Original Gravity: 1.070

IBUs (estimate): 121.9

Alcohol By Volume: 8.0%

First Tapped: July 25, 2006