• Kölsh is a beer produced in Cologne,
    Germany. It is a clear, top-fermented beer
    with a bright straw-yellow hue. The term Kölsch was first officially used in 1918 to describe the beer that had been brewed by the Sünner brewery since 1906.
    It was developed from the similar but
    cloudier variant Wieß (for "white" in the
    Kölsch dialect). It never became
    particularly popular in the first half of the
    twentieth century,when bottom-fermented
    beers prevailed as in the rest of Germany.
    Prior to World War II Cologne had more
    than forty breweries; this number was
    reduced to two in the devastation and its
    In 1946, many of the breweries managed to re-establish themselves. In the 1940s and 1950s, Kölsch still could not match the
    sales of bottom-fermented beer, but in the
    1960s it began to rise in popularity in the
    Cologne beer market.
    We brew Doxie to keep the style alive, and
    because it’s a really refreshing beer!


Style Guidelines: German-style Kölsch

Rotation Schedule: not yet established

Food Pairings: smoked meats and cheeses; smoked pork; potato pancakes; bratwurst; nutty cheese; calamari

Body: light
Color: light yellow

Grain: British lager and German Vienna

Bittering Hops: German Hallertau
Finishing Hops: Saaz

Original Gravity: 1.050
IBUs (estimate): 20
Alcohol By Volume: 4.5%

First Tapped: June 2, 2017 as a preview on Firkin Friday.