Over two years to get it perfect, it began in August, 2013 as KA Amunet, an ancient Egyptian inspired ale brewed for the Ohio History Center.

We siphoned some of it into a Woodford Reserve barrel and added brettanomyces and lactobacillus. It’s been sealed ever since.

In January, 2015, we stole some Death Trapp Dubbel to put into another WR barrel. We let brett, lacto and saccharomyces invade that one.

We blended the two in November and put the result into amber champagne bottles, corked and caged, and allowed for some conditioning.

This is a true labor of love. For the discerning adventurer, it’s the top of the pyramid.

Drinkable right away, yet you can age this one for years. In your hands, our adventure is now yours.


Style Guidelines: Sour Ale

Rotation Schedule: one-off, due to the nature of sour alesNot yet established

Food Pairings: stinky cheeses; chacuterie plate; fresh roasted nuts; fig jam; brie; rich braised meats; steak; mussels; churn into sorbet
Note: due to the adventerous nature of sours, we recommend that you pair it with food. Do some research, then dive in. Don't drink this one alone.

WARNING: ess is not for everyone. It is a unique adventure that cannot be replicated. If you are queasy outside of your comfort zone, do not try this sour. If you seem unsure, we may not even offer it to you. Once it's in your hands, share! 4-6 on this bottle seems about right.

Body: medium
Color: Chippendale West Indies mahogany

Grain: Lager; pale; Victory; Carapils; chocolate and wheat

Bittering Hops: Cascade; Hallertau
Finishing Hops: Hallertau; Mittlefueh; Sorachi Ace

Adjuncts: Belgian light, golden and dark candi sugar
Alcohol By Volume: 7.0%

Bottled: November 9, 2015, for release December 3.