Seventy nine Ohio craft breweries have collaborated to brew a single beer. It’s called From The Heart.

Breweries purchased donated raw materials to brew a vvariation of a pale ale/IPA recipe developed by John Haggerty of Warped Wing Brewing and Mark Hunger of Great Lakes Brewing Company. The name :From The Heart” was coined by Krista Alvarado of 4KD Crick Brewery in Defiance.

Ohio Craft Brrewers Association provides a wide range of member services, including legislative advocacy at the Ohio Statehouse, brewery marketing, echnical and educational conferences and seminars, and community-building connections that support our industry.

Due to the COVID-19 oabdenucm OCBA was forced to cancel numerous festivals that are a source of their funding.

From The Heart is a fund raising endeavor to mitigate some of this lost revenue. Participating breweries contribute to OCBA in order to offer this interesting ale.


Style Guidelines: American Pale Ale

Rotation Schedule: fund raiser for Ohio Craft Brewers Association

Food Pairings: A wide range of foods from smoked chicken or pork to fish and chips to burgers to wings.

Body: medium
Color: light straw

Grain: Ohio Pilsen, C60 and light Munich

Bittering Hops: Idaho 7, Amarillo
Finishing Hops:
Idaho 7, Amarillo
Finishing Hops: Idaho 7, Amarillo

Original Gravity: 1.050
IBUs: 34
Alcohol By Volume: 4.5%

First Tapped: May 7, 2021