According to Urban Dictionary, a heriberto is a buff Mexican guy with a
thick, hardy moustache.

That image was the inspiration for this
stout. We decided to go more chocolate than typical for a stout with this one. We included roasty malts to provide an underlying sweetness to balance the other notes to come.

As with a memorable mug of hot chocolate, we added cinammon. And cacao nibs.

Finally, we added spice with the inclusion of three hot chili peppers to add depth and complexity.

The result is a dark ale with depth and
lots of flavors.

Drink this one with the attitude of a herberto, our friends.




Style Guidelines: Mexican style Spiced Hot Chocolate Stout

Rotation Schedule: not yet established

Food Pairings: fruit based dessert; chocolate; smoked meats; smoked wings; spicy chili; Rasiinettes; Szechuan; any form of tacos

Body: medium full
Color: deep chocolate

Grain: British lager and chocolate; Vienna; Crystal; roasted barley; flaked oats

Bittering Hops: Columbus

Adjuncts: habanero, Guajillos and ancho chili peppers; Vietnamese cinammon and cacao nibs

Original Gravity: 1.074
IBUs (estimate):20
Alcohol By Volume: 7.5%

First Tapped: August 25. 2017, on Firkin Friday preview