The Highland Hammer

Style Guidelines: This one is a bit tough to place. It could be an IPA, and we thought about placing it there, but then we thought we'd get too much flack because it's different than what you're used to in an IPA, or even an Imperial IPA. It drinks like an impressive ESB, but with more pronounced hops. It's almost like we blended two styles to come up with this one. Indeed, that's what we did. We know it sounds crazy, but they do it for scotch, so why can't we do it for beer? We're calling it a Peated Bitter, though we're up for suggestions as to where you'd place it in the Garden of Beer.

Rotation Schedule: once a year, in late February

Food Pairings: smoked ribs, meatloaf, hard aged cheese, game of all sorts; a pile of smoked, grilled wings or a mound of nachos

Body: medium to full

Color: copper haze

Blend: an artful brewerry blend of Robert Burns Scottish Export Ale and Centennial IPA

IBUs (estimate): 55

Alcohol By Volume: 8.6%

First Tapped: February 26, 2007