• “Hygge” is a Danish term defined as
    “a quality of cosiness and comfortable
    conviviality that engenders a feeling of
    contentment or well-being.” The word is said to have no direct translation in English, though “cozy” comes close. It derives from a sixteenth-century term, hugga, meaning “to comfort” or “to console,” which is related to the English word “hug.”
    Hygge might seem, to some Americans, to come with a whiff of smugness. The term is often mentioned in the same paragraph that reminds us that Danes (or, depending on the year, Norwegians and Swedes) are the happiest people in the world. Perhaps Scandinavians are better able to appreciate the small, hygge things in life because they already have all the big ones nailed down: free university education, social security,
    universal health care, paid family leave, and at least a month of vacation a year.
    With those necessities secured, Danes are free to become “aware of the decoupling between wealth and well-being.”
    We brew Hygge to remind us that we should all aspire to well-being over wealth. And because who doesn’t love a good APA?

Hygge ("Hue-Gah")

Style Guidelines: American Pale Ale

Rotation Schedule: About twice a year

Food Pairings: roasted or grilled meats; mild or medium Cheddar; char-grilled burger; apple pie; bread pudding

Body: medium
Color: straw

Grain: British lager and pale

Bittering Hops: American Cascade
Finishing Hops: American Citra

Original Gravity: 1.057
IBUs (estimate): 46
Alcohol By Volume: 5.5%

First Tapped: March 24, 2017