From the dawn of civilization until the Middle Ages, hops were unknown as a beer component. Instead, herbs and other botanicals were used to flavor the malt beverage--gruit.

People have been enjoying beer without hops way longer than with hops. In fact, the State of Ohio says beer “includes all beverages brewed or fermented wholly or in part from malt products and containing one-half of one per cent or more, but not more than twelve per cent, of alcohol by volume.” No mention of hops.

Medb was the ancient goddess of sexuality and intoxication. “Medb” is a Middle English spelling of what we would see as “Maeve,” (pronounced Mave.)

Ancient goddess and ancient beer; sex and libation. Let’s party.
Like it’s 1699.


Style Guidelines: Gruit

Rotation Schedule: Not yet established

Food Pairings: Roasted and smoked meats; fowl; roasted vegetables; any aged cheeses; junk food pairing: Cheddar Cheese Combos

Body: medium

Color: hazy golden straw

Grain: American two row; pale; German Munich; acidulated wheat

Hops: Only the slightest amount used, not sure if it's legal to brew "beer" without them. Hallertau
Botanicals: Dandelion root; hawthorn berries; elderberries

Original Gravity: 1.068
IBUs (estimate): 7
Alcohol By Volume: 7.2%

First Tapped: September 25, 2015