We often serve RBG Wry Stout on nitro. Why? Because nitrogen is an insoluble gas that forms smaller, more profuse bubbles than carbon dioxide, giving beer a smoother, velvety texture.

While you have to wait a bit longer for your pint to settle, we think it’s worth the wait. In the cae of this beer, the oats also contribute to smoothness.

RBG pours a very dark brown that leaves plenty of lacing. Tastes of bitter chocolate, cocoa and roasted malts are accompanied by a sharpness given off by the rye. It’s a complex offering.

We named this beer after the woman who was the second female to become a Supreme Court justice. She successfully fought against gender discrimination and fought for women’s rights. She was also know for her “rye” sense of humor.

RBG Wry Stout

Style Guidelines: Rye Stout

Rotation Schedule: about once a year

Food Pairings: smoked Reuben sandwich; brisket; aged cheddar; havarti; crusty breads; cold rare roast beef; cured Italian sausage; good quality chocolate; pancakes and waffles; ice cream float

Body: medium

Color: black-ish

Grain: British pale and roasted barley; blonde RoastOats and crystal; Belgian chocolate; flaked rye

Bittering Hops: American Columbus

Finishing Hops: German Hallertau

Original Gravity: 1.064

IBUs (estimate): 30

Alcohol By Volume: 6.2%

First Tapped: November 2020