Rubus Idaeus

Style Guidelines: This is our first foray into the world of Belgian ales, and we've got a beauty for you. It is a saison that we've infused with fresh raspberries. We loosely call this style "fruit infused Belgian Saison."

Rotation Schedule: Since it's the first time we've brewed it, a rotation has not been established.

Food Pairings: Fine aged cheeses and artisan breads. The fruity and spicy notes can lift barbcue, while the spicy and peppery notes enhances hot and spicy foods. Raspberry gives any of these foods an interesting twist. The only caution is that this beer will overbear more delicate foods.

Body: medium

Color: unfiltered rasberry/ orange hue

Grain: British pale and wheat malts

Bittering Hops: Sterling

Finishing Hops: Sterling

Original Gravity: 1.053

IBUs (estimate): 10

Alcohol By Volume: 5.5-6.0%

First Tapped: October 8, 2008